Sunday, November 07, 2010

Seeds of Turmoil - Bryant Wright

Bryant Wright takes us on a journey through the book of Genesis to try to help Christians understand the roots of all the violence and strife in the Middle East. The book is thoroughly researched, and well documented. However, most of his references can be found in the book of Genesis. Towards the end of the book there is a good bit of history and facts about the prophet Muhammad, and how Islam came to be, but Wright even admits taking his information from another book, so there honestly isn't anything new here.

I guess I was slightly disappointed, because the information contained in this book is mostly biblical, and is not new to me. So a simple study of scripture can bring a person to the same information as contained in this book. In fact, there are several places in this book where long portions of scripture are used to tell the story.

So, perhaps one could pick up a copy of the Bible and read history for themselves. That would serve the same purpose. Overall, for someone who is not well read in scripture, this book would help them gain a basic understanding of why we have so many wars and ongoing battles in the Middle East, and why ultimately this will continue as long as it is a part of God's plan and will for the human race.

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